Cryptocurrencies Are a Fkin Hot Way To Transform Your Financial Future

3 min readMay 5, 2022

You’re looking at your portfolio, 100 percent, 500 percent, 1000 percent increase in profits. Your heart starts bouncing, your palms are sweating, and your entire body gets heated. Staring at chart candles lights up this fire inside you, leaving you haunted with one question: ‘Is it the right moment to sell?’ You’re balancing between two possibilities, your assets continuing to the moon or starting to go down. Without a robust investment strategy and the skill to take profits, you can watch your assets sinking like a leaking boat.

Cryptocurrencies Are Your Way Out of The System

When I heard the first time about Bitcoin in 2015, I worked as a lawyer and visited a business conference in Switzerland. At that time, I was 29, single, and too busy chasing everything else besides understanding this transforming technology. So, I didn’t start then. I found cryptocurrencies in 2020 when I was searching purpose for my life.

If you learned the history of how Federal reserves, central banks, and the current monetary system are formed, you would be angry. I was too, at first. You would be mad at yourself for not taking those blinders off your eyes earlier. You never genuinely owe what is in your bank account; you’re being controlled by someone else.

When I started my journey with cryptocurrencies, my assets began to multiply rapidly. Then, I made a huge mistake. As an educated woman, I never thought that I could make such a mistake in those circumstances and lose substantial amounts of assets to scammers. This mistake cost me a lot, but it also pushed me to quit my 9–5 work and pursue my own passions in writing and art.

From Darkness to Dream Life

This mistake put me in a dark place, where I needed to conquer different obstacles before I found my way to a dream life. Recovering from a traumatic experience made me face my deepest fears and required letting go of anything that didn’t serve my happiness. In this process, I wrote a book, ‘The Scammer’s Trap’.

My eyes were opened through these difficulties. A need to help other people overcome challenging events started haunting my mind. Experiencing this prolonged period that felt like a nightmare made me make difficult decisions and organize my life differently. No matter how desperate your situation seems to be, with the right tools, you can turn anything into strength and success.

Success is About the Right Habits

Before becoming a successful investor, you need to understand your own money habits. If you have grown up in a low or average income environment, as I did, you need to learn to think differently. When you understand that money is everywhere, you just need to create your own way for wealth, everything changes.

No wealth is created in one night, so you need to start small and build up your knowledge and confidence. Fear is your worst enemy in anything, preventing you from making good decisions. You need a substantial investment plan and follow it with a calm mind. If something doesn’t work, you need to find out why and change your plan.

The crypto world can be a cruel playground if you’re not prepared well. However, it can also serve as a way toward a better life. You’re still early to the party as legislation is at the beginning and technological transformation is at an early stage. This means more risks but also more opportunities. There has never been a better moment than today to begin your own investment journey, become financially independent, and live your kind of life.

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