I Know You Have This Fear (And I Know How to Make it Easier)

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You’re looking at the news; this crazy man has his hand on a weapon button that has the power to extinct the entire humankind. Different riots and threats are spreading worldwide, not to mention climate catastrophes that are knocking around the corner. Some people are talking about signs of the end of the world. You’re thinking about just surviving this month. Too many lonely hours in the night that your credit card bill, mortgage, and uncertain work period have kept you awake. You’re wondering: ‘How bad can these things go?’

Look at the History to See the Future

Humans tend to fear the uncertain, unpredictable, and uncontrollable future. When you learn history, you see that it often repeats itself. Society works in different cycles that are repeated. Wars, diseases, and market crashes occur periodically. You need to learn to safeguard yourself and your financial future. Don’t let fear guide you to shallow waters and drift you to a random destination.

Certain people have a lot of power and wealth. These people control the world and drive things toward their own goals. We ordinary people may never learn the entire truth behind the system, and we don’t even need to. However, information is available everywhere on how to use these cycles to your advantage and guarantee that you’re not the one being exploited.

People themselves make the bad times. The majority think that the worst will come, and it comes. In the end, the mass panic will drive us to the final crash of this cycle. But, what you ask in life, you will receive. What you think about you will become. For that reason, you must fill your mind with nourishing and empowering thoughts.

Organize Things Where You Can Influence

Instead of letting worry scare you out and paralyze your mind under overthinking, you can take charge of your daily life. You can find a solution to many things if you only use some effort.

Most common fears are related to money, close people, and health. Yet, all those are areas where you can tremendously impact yourself. The only thing that differentiates you from successful people is knowledge and action. You can learn anything that someone else has, and by applying the same principles, you will get the same result.

Instead of wallowing in negativity and hopelessness, train your mind to see possibilities. Don’t concentrate on petty things in your life, but start seeing things in a broader concept. Don’t drown yourself in the problem, but look at the essence of the solution.

Whatever worries you, an old-fashioned way of starting with writing it on paper helps. You can add a couple of solutions that you can come up with immediately, but concentrating on finding the answer starts your subconscious doing the work for you. You need to find peace inside you, that everything will work out, and let your mind guide you.

Stop Trying to Control Things You Cannot Change

First, if you’re a high news consumer, you probably also tend to have negative and anxious thoughts. It’s good to know what is happening worldwide, but make sure terror is not recklessly fulfilling your days.

If you wish the world was a better place, you need to make it happen in your mind, and in your actions. Of course, there will always be outside impacts that try to force you off the track, but you have complete control to influence their effect on you.

Fear of uncertainty will always be among us. In some cycles, it’s stronger than in others. You need to accept that we, as a person, our lives and this world will never be perfect. Set your worry aside, and start living fully this tremendous gift we have been given.

With Love,

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