Overthinking Is The Biggest Cause of Unhappiness

From the moment you open your eyes for a new day, thousands of thoughts emerge from different directions, creating strength like the wind before a hurricane. Your mind is occupied with what happened yesterday and the responsibilities you need to tackle today. If you don’t know how to end this emotional roller coaster of violent thinking, it may capture you in bed. If you give it a chance, it may trap you before your day has even had a possibility of a good beginning.

Overthinking Wants to Keep You Safe

I have been an overthinker for whole my life. I was raised to avoid risks, and my profession as a lawyer took this to a whole new level. Whatever I did in my life, I started to think about different scenarios and end results. Eventually, this kind of life made my brain go overdrive, and it often prevented me from taking action.

We, humans, like to analyze things and think about different possibilities. You are faced with many options from the beginning of your day, and sometimes it can make you feel overwhelmed.

Learning to be in the moment and teaching yourself consciousness about your thoughts can change this negative cycle. Concentrating more on the positive sides of your daily challenges and how you can succeed is a game-changer.

Quick action kills procrastination

As a creative mind, procrastination and thinking built huge barriers to my progress in the past. For this reason, I have needed to practice myself to be conscious of my thoughts and actions. Whenever I get myself caught up analyzing, I force myself to concentrate on visualizing what is the following action that has the most impact on my life today.

We all have those tasks and deadlines that keep haunting our minds until we have no other possibility than to do something about them. Instead of long to-do lists, learn to manage your time better and do the critical tasks first. Whatever urgent task you need to accomplish on a specific day, do it the first in the morning or when your brains are at their most efficient phase.

Instead of letting daily actions create a heavy load on your mind, learn to think about these things as unemotional assignments that you just need to finish. If it’s not necessary, get rid of that duty. The skill to make decisions promptly and take action on minor things quicker will also be transferred to more important decisions.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Bad Decisions

The feeling of fear and anxiety makes us refrain from doing difficult things. We’re afraid of disappointing ourselves and others. We’re fearful of making bad decisions, which may lead to not making any decisions.

Staying paralyzed in your mind doesn’t take you anywhere and eventually makes you feel exhausted. Even though you made a wrong choice, you can learn from the event and become better at choosing right the next time. The key is not to

Some wise old man once said that 99% of things he was afraid to happen in his life never happened. Things very seldomly go in a way that you think. This life has its own tricks in mind, and different variables are changing.

For this reason, you should concentrate on things that make you happy instead of worrying about everything that makes you feel blue. Become a master of your own thoughts and a captain of your life, directing it in the direction of peace and abundance.

With Love,

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