When You Stop Copying Others –You Will Get Noticed

There is this spark of passion burning inside you. Something that you have wanted to do for such a long time. There is only one thing in your way; you don’t know where to start. Every time you think about your vision, you scroll through social media and websites for hours to see how far others have gone with their perfect lives. Although your day started with enthusiasm and hope, this endless sea of everyone else’s dreams has started to drag you under the surface. All possibilities you saw in yourself are gone, and this picture of your future slowly turns into ashes.

A visualization is a powerful tool

You don’t know where to go before you feel and see your vision. Instead of looking for answers outside, you need to explore what is inside you. All of us have passions inside us. Although we encounter challenges, these things awaken the butterflies in our stomachs and make us feel alive.

It lacks your personality whenever you try to copy what someone else is doing. When your heart is not with you in what you’re doing, you cannot feel satisfied for long. You don’t want to use your time doing something that doesn’t bring you maximum joy in this life.

Seeking inspiration is different from allowing the outside world to direct what you should do. You have all the answers inside you. Stop looking and following people outside, but find your way of doing things.

Less is More

The minimalist approach to everything can change your life entirely. Before I started practicing minimalism in all areas of my life, I felt many times overwhelmed. This technique can be applied to everything from nourishment and health to relationships, work, and everyday life.

The simpler you make of your life, the better you operate. Currently, things that don’t serve your happiness or the life you truly want to live need to go. Cleaning up your life from relationships and materialism that don’t bring you joy is replaced with freedom, peace, and the ability to see things clearer.

Let That Light Shine Inside You

Watching what everyone else do doesn’t make you separate from the masses. You were born to develop as a unique individual. It would be boring if we were the same. All of us have a special light, making us shine differently. When we don’t know where to go, that light shines dimly. People who have found their purpose shine like rare diamonds.

The world has not seen your way yet. You were destined to use your talents, leaving your blueprint on this earth. You can impact a specific group of people, but only through using your genuine skills. I encourage you to look within yourself and find those hidden talents. Let the light inside you shine to the brightest.

With love,

Founder of thejennablog, Author of ‘The Scammer’s Trap’

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