You are Your Worst Enemy

3 min readMay 6, 2022


You’re staring at a ceiling in the middle of the night. Those shadows of darkness start growing and dancing their victory dance against the light. Your heartbeat rises, and it feels like someone is strangling your heart with a wire. You’re breathing heavily, but you end up just howling the air. You made a mistake. This mistake enters your mind, taking you on a violent ride, forcing you to face your actions in all their cruelty. Your mind doesn’t give you peace in the situation, and it will swallow you entirely into the dark side if you don’t take control of your own thoughts.

You own the responsibility for your thoughts

Nothing can have a more powerful impact on our self-esteem than how we see ourselves. It’s you who allows all these negative thoughts in your mind. No one else can be held responsible for that. Recovery from any traumatic situation always takes time, but you have all the strength inside you to change how you feel.

Before I learned that mistakes, failures, and setbacks were gifts on my way to growing into a more robust person, I allowed them to take me down. Blaming myself didn’t take me anywhere but taking responsibility for my actions, admitting my own stupidity, and learning from this experience was a game-changer.

Everything changes when you start to see unwanted events in your life as a blessing and take it as an open invitation toward growth. When you are not afraid anymore of what comes next but take things as they emerge, you can turn them into a development journey, making you stronger.

Through acceptance to letting go

Whenever you really mess up, you need to admit that you made a mistake. Although we often know what is right, our mind doesn’t co-operate because it feels too painful. Acknowledging that you screwed up is the most challenging part of the whole process. After you do that, you can proceed and learn from your actions.

Only critical evaluation of your personality, habits, and behavior can lead to building strength and success. Repeating the same mistake is a lousy decision that doesn’t take you anywhere. Being honest about your limitations can make you grow and evolve.

The last part of this recovery process is forgiving yourself and letting go of any negative feelings or memories related to that specific experience. Allowing yourself to move on and not look into your past enables you to create new possibilities and become a more vigorous and refreshed person.

We all have our demons that we’re afraid to encounter, and these forces of fear can make us stagnate in our lives. Whatever it is that you have been afraid to start or go through, force yourself face-to-face with the problem today. Start to follow the process of letting go, and free yourself to a better life.

With Love,

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